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BirthTouch® ChildBirth Education

Individualized Private Childbirth Education Using MindBody Therapies to Manage Your Emotions and Childbirth Pain

Are you fearful about pregnancy? About the pain of childbirth? About becoming a parent?


Take this series of classes during your second and third trimester.

Address your concerns in a respectful and compassionate manner in private  childbirth education sessions.

BirthTouch®Childbirth Education classes are structured as follows:


My practice focuses on one-on-one sessions tailored to meet individual needs. Over the years, I’ve found that four two hour sessions are about the right amount of time for a first time mom and her partner to  absorb the information and skills they need to feel empowered for their birth experience.

Many women and their partners experience fears around pregnancy, perhaps needing healing from past grief from previous pregnancy loss or termination. Some experience ambivalence and fear about parenting.

BirthTouch®Childbirth Education sessions give you a safe place to explore and release these feelings, in privacy and with a professional counselor.

Four two-and-a-half hour sessions:


Session One:

An overview of the birthing process, a discussion of how you both personally view birth, the language of birth, an expressive art exercise and instruction and practice in meditative breathing.


Session Two:

More discussion of your feelings about the pregnancy and birth, an expressive art exercise and a guided imagery/hypnosis experience.


Session Three:

Demonstration of birthing positions and a guided imagery/self-hypnosis experience. We’ll incorporate EMDR into the sessions to promote mindbody retention of the relaxation practices.

Session Four:

Learn BirthTouch®Shiatsu and Acupressure for the Childbearing Year. You learn shiatsu for stress reduction and acupressure for birth induction. The BirthTouch® ebook is included. Plus, another guided imagery/self-hypnosis experience.

You’ll receive a personalized MP3 recording to listen to every day in preparation for your birth experience. Your self-practice is an important tool in emotional regulation and in deepening your experience in managing your childbirth. Of course, included in the session are supportive in-between texts and emails. I also offer a supportive ninety-minute playful “booster” session closer  to your birthing time, which would consist of a combination of relaxing energy work and guided meditation.

  • Four two hour sessions are  $500.00  or $150 each

  • A ninety minute energy and meditation session is $125.00


Of course the content of the sessions can vary depending on your individualized needs.

Please let me know if I may be of service to you and your family.   
Call or email with any questions.

Stress and Pregnancy – bonding with your baby

Chronic stress has been shown to affect the mother and baby prenatally. The ill effects of chronic prenatal stress are prematurity, low birth weight, and elevated levels of cortisol in the infant at birth. Chronic prenatal tension eventually impacts the birthing process.

Normal, everyday levels of prenatal stress have not been shown to impact the baby negatively. However, prenatal fear, anxiety and tension do get in the way of experiencing those positive feelings of beginning a new relationship with a new person: bonding with your baby in utero.

  • Personalized MP3 recordings are part of the services available.

Listening to a relaxation and bonding visualization just 20 minutes a day for eight weeks significantly reduces anxiety. It is recommended that you practice this throughout your pregnancy to promote mindbody relaxation and reduce circulating stress hormones during your pregnancy.

Information About Other Approaches

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